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Since you took this special trip with us, we wanted to offer you an exclusive bundle to commemorate it.

The Bundle Includes:

vinyl product pink-01

Translucent Pink

vinyl cover Black-01

Classic Black


Lyric Book (FREE, $10 value)

-Choice of three vinyl discs (Pink, Black, or Blended)
-Lyric Zine / Coloring Book by Xander Rodriguez-Lourve
-Inner Sleeve signed by the band
-Handwritten 'Thank You' card from the band
-Copy of original run WONDER UNDER CD (only 13 left)
-Early access to two unreleased music videos from the album
Discounted pre-order rate of $20 only until 10/14!

Smashed Clear Pink VR800PK1.jpg
When multiple colors are used in a vinyl press, it leads to ~25 records having both colors, leaving a unique blending effect on the vinyl disc. These unique improvisations will be signed by the band.
AOT pink long sleeve_small.png
PLUS this limited run Pink long sleeve tee
designed by Xander Rodriguez-Lourve
*** discounted add-on available at check-out ***

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