Photo by Alexus Mclane / Selena Boyer / Eve Rydberg


Photo by Alexus Mclane / Selena Boyer / Eve Rydberg


"Top 10 Performers To See This Summer."

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”The psychedelic chamber pop outfit fuse a number of disparate styles and approaches into a super-listenable style all their own.”

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"Wonder Under is a thoughtful blend of new wave pop, spacey synth driven moments and experimental yet classily inspired jazz."

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"Some of the most diverse music the Chicago scene has ever witnessed." 

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"Wonder Under is full of surprises—a pleasing, richly layered effort from one of Chicago's most promising queer bands."

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Tick Tock

// matthew // 

vocals + synth 




Glad Rags began in Chicago’s DIY music scene in 2014. They released their self-titled 14-track debut the following year via local label Grandpa Bay. Their subsequent 2016 EP “Imaginary Friends” weaved in more psychedelic  and cinematic elements while showcasing the addition of more complex instrumentation and more members. Over the next two years, the project slowly grew to over ten members, including drums, keyboards, synths, bass, cello, violin, saxophone, banjo, tabla, pakawahaj, and both live and electronic auxiliary percussion.


Writing and arranging collaboratively, the band released their second full-length “Wonder Under” via Midwest Action last summer. Recorded and produced by founding member Matthew Gladly, their new sound fuses art rock, new wave, experimental jazz, disco, funk and soul, thus creating their original blend of psychedelic orchestral synth pop. The record was featured as “New & Notable” by Bandcamp and picked up by multiple online publications, local magazines and radio outlets.


They have started collaborating with more videographers, stylists, + conceptual artists as they plan to release a series of music video vignettes to go along with two new albums worth of material. 


Nothing has facilitated the evolution of Glad Rags as much as Hostel Earphoria, the interdisciplinary DIY arts space where they've written, rehearsed, and lived at since the project's inception.

The ethos of collaboration and community at “Hostel” mirrors the writing process of the band and nurtures its growth. Members are involved in arts advocacy, activism, and arts education.


The collective features some of Chicago’s top musicians who perform with acts such as J. Cole, ONO, Sex No BabiesAnimal Farm, Jovan Landry, Peggy Tenderass and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Members include:

Maryann Michael (vocals), Jacqueline Baker (vocals, synth), Kelsee Vandervall (cello), Karolina Prus (tenor sax), Patrick Sundlof (banjo, tabla and pakawahaj), Manu Montalvo (percussion), David Ladon (bass), Najjah Thompson (tuba), Ewa Sarota-Raczek (violin), Charles Williams (bass, vocals), Ben Karas (drums, vocals) and Matthew Gladly (keys, vocals).



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